Tax Preparation with Heart

We strive to keep our client’s best interests at heart by hearing their concerns. We work to find the best outcome and lowest taxes possible while keeping any red flags to a minimum while addressing their concerns.

Who We Serve

Individuals, Small Businesses, Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships/LLC (Limited Liability Companies), Estate and Trust/Fiduciary Returns, as well as Tax Exempt Organizations

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation with heart. We strive to keep our client’s best interests at heart by hearing their concerns. We work to find the best outcome and lowest taxes possible while keeping any red flags to a minimum while addressing their concerns. We teach our clients good tax “hygiene” – to keep track of expenses using the best available accounting software and phone apps to make it easier at tax time. We prepare individual and small business returns including, Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships/LLC (Limited Liability Companies), Estate and Trust/Fiduciary Returns, as well as Tax Exempt Organizations.

Tax Planning

If you have ever been in the situation where on April 15th you find you owe more taxes than you have cash to pay? We can help you avoid these surprises by meeting with you mid-year to review your current tax situation. We can make recommendations for changes to keep in mind as you finish out the year. We will calculate the estimated annualized taxes for the year, and get you set up with quarterly estimated tax payments or help you adjust your withholding from your wages for the remainder of the year, so come next April you won’t be facing a large sum of taxes you hadn’t planned for.

Tax Audit Representation

We are honored to be able to represent you should your return be chosen for an audit. This means that we can attend the audit on your behalf, so you can avoid the stress of going through that ordeal. We will help you in advance of the audit to prepare the necessary records to present to minimize any additional taxes. Often, we are able to find more expenses that were not previously deducted which could result in possible refunds.

How can DJ assist you?


DJ Lipton, EA has earned a solid reputation for helping taxpayers with IRS audits, prior-year tax issues, estate and trust tax planning, and the Affordable Care Act. The Napa resident has worked in the tax business for 37 years, helping taxpayers plan and prepare so that they can avoid audits while taking advantage of favorable tax rules and regulations. She helps individuals, small business owners of such entities as small Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies, as well as Estates, Trusts, and Tax Exempt Organizations understand the tax implications of major decisions.

DJ explains the pros and cons of tax-deductible contributions, purchasing real estate, buying businesses, refinancing, retirement and career changes. She is an Enrolled Agent, which means she has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and is available to help you with your tax issues so you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your life, career and company.

About DJ Lipton

Before she started her own business at the age of 33, DJ Lipton had survived high school in East Oakland, learned fashion design in an Alameda college, worked in the garment industry in San Francisco, learned accounting on the job in Berkeley and assisted a CPA in Mill Valley.

“I knew financial statements, payroll and income tax, so I started a bookkeeping service of my own in 1987 in San Francisco,” she said.

By 1994 she was winning business awards, expanding her clientele and hiring employees. In 1998, with 150 clients, she suffered an injury during tax season. She then graduated with honors from the University of Phoenix, earning her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management, before deciding to sell the business and take a year off.

Returning to work as a senior accountant in a venture capital company, she rode the dot-com boom and returned to earth when it crashed. 

DJ Lipton

DJ Lipton

Lipton Tax Company Inc

Over 40 Years of Experience

In 2010 she started Lipton Tax Company, Inc. of Napa, and in 2013 moved the business to her current downtown location on School Street. She also continues to teach Zumba classes with other instructors with her second business, Joyful Body Fitness. Having two very different businesses balances and complements her life.

“I really love living in Napa,” says DJ. “It has a calmer pace. I have a garden and am developing deep relationships with friends and neighbors. I really love the work I do because I can truly help people get past problems and issues they may be having with the IRS and get them on a more solid footing by lifting the weight off their heads and chests.”


What people are saying about our services…

Paul Mabray


“DJ Lipton-Weide corrected accounting and tax mistakes from previous vendors and created a strong accounting compliance process going forward. She worked extraordinary hours with complicated tax structures to get us the optimal outcome and — all along the way — with kindness and a jovial spirit that made the experience an absolute pleasure. I recommend her highly.”

Giselle Lampe

Giselle Lampe Napa Valley Realtor, Napa

“DJ Lipton Weide helped me save money. First, her fee was a lot less than the large firm I used previously. Second, I was very impressed with her knowledge, people skills and how she could break down a complicated tax law into easy-to-understand terms. Third, she helped relatives of mine who hadn’t filed taxes in years because their situation changed and they didn’t know how to handle it. DJ understood their situation and helped them work out a manageable plan and saved them lots of money, too.”

David Schloss

Inventive Films , Napa

“DJ has been my tax consultant since 2011, when I founded my Napa company. I needed an honest and experienced tax professional to help guide my business plan. I consult with DJ on a regular basis as my business expands, because I feel confident she will have the correct advice whenever I need it.”

Arnold Levine

KOWS Radio , Sebastopol

“DJ Lipton-Weide has been my tax preparer since 1990, when she helped me avoid bankruptcy, and has provided the tax information and filings I’ve needed ever since for my small consulting business and my personal finances. Her work is respected by tax authorities, and she uses technology to make tax season easier for her clients. She is blessed with a calm, reassuring manner, even when facing strict deadlines.”

Cliff Keilhorn

K & J Moving Systems, Inc., Napa

“Two years ago I switch my corporate tax business to DJ Lipton-Weide based on her honesty, integrity, professionalism and knowledge of the tax code. Because she has been so thorough and accurate with our business taxes, I switched our personal taxes to her this year as well. She is the first person I recommend to anyone needing tax help.”

Doug Ernst

Public Relations Guru, Napa

“I’ve used more expensive tax consultants during my 38 years in Napa, but I’ve never been more pleased than I am today with DJ Lipton Weide of Napa. Thanks to DJ, tax season has become an opportunity to strengthen family and business finances. She has reduced my stress over taxes.”

Al Campbell

President of Napa Valley Hot Tubs, Inc.

“DJ Lipton-Weide has taken on many of my tax and business challenges, providing professional tax services. In addition, she helped me resolve a serious IRS tax challenge. Her professional expertise, coupled with her giving nature, are her most endearing attributes. In my 40 years in business I have not met anyone with better credentials or a more caring spirit than DJ. Her reputation is impeccable and well deserved.”