Tax Preparation

Tax preparation with heart. We strive to keep our client’s best interests at heart by hearing their concerns. We work to find the best outcome and lowest taxes possible while keeping any red flags to a minimum while addressing their concerns. We teach our clients good tax “hygiene” – to keep track of expenses using the best available accounting software and phone apps to make it easier at tax time.

We prepare individual and small business returns including, Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships/LLC (Limited Liability Companies), Estate and Trust/Fiduciary Returns, as well as Tax Exempt Organizations.


Tax Audit Representation

We are honored to be able to represent you should your return be chosen for an audit. This means that we can attend the audit on your behalf, so you can avoid the stress of going through that ordeal. We will help you in advance of the audit to prepare the necessary records to present to minimize any additional taxes. Often, we are able to find more expenses that were not previously deducted which could result in possible refunds.


Tax Planning

If you have ever been in the situation where on April 15th you find you owe more taxes than you have cash to pay? We can help you avoid these surprises by meeting with you mid-year to review your current tax situation. We can make recommendations for changes to keep in mind as you finish out the year. We will calculate the estimated annualized taxes for the year, and get you set up with quarterly estimated tax payments or help you adjust your withholding from your wages for the remainder of the year, so come next April you won’t be facing a large sum of taxes you hadn’t planned for.


Past Years Tax Returns

Sometimes, life throws us a curve ball, and we neglect to fill our tax returns on time. Then, the next year comes around too quickly, and you don’t know what to do to remedy the situation from the year before – perhaps you imagine the worst, and you avoid thinking about it again – and you may not think you have the means to pay the back taxes. This can go on for several years, and then it catches up with you. Perhaps the IRS or the FTB has prepared a “substitute return” for you and has billed you for an imaginary tax bill, and they are threatening to garnish your wages or put a lien or levy on your bank account or other property. We have many years of experience helping our clients out of situations like this, and we can work with you to prepare a plan to address these old years of not filing that will be doable and affordable.


Accounting Services

Although we no longer provide any accounting services in our office, we have several great bookkeeping services to recommend to our clients, including Julie Amaral of By the Books of Napa, and Cristal Villanova of Elite Financial Services of Napa. I also have other bookkeeping services I can recommend if neither of these companies fit your needs.


Trust & Estate Returns

If you have a Trust set up for your assets or for your kids or parents, I can help you understand and stay in compliance with the necessary tax filing requirements. I also have a number of great Estate and Trust Attorney’s I can refer you to as needed.



We are available from time to time to lead seminars or classes on tax and accounting subjects such as: “How to Read Financial Statements For the Non-Accountant”, “Understanding the difference between Employees and Independent Contractors, and How to Avoid Triggering a Payroll Audit”.


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