Trusted, Napa, CA-based tax experts, Lipton Tax Company are now working with small business owners to help them understand their taxes and choose an entity through which they’ll work with the government on payments. This crucial decision can help determine whether a business succeeds or fails and must only be undertaken through close consultation with specialists such as those at Lipton Tax Company.

Many small business owners rely upon their friends and family members for guidance on running their organization. This can be damaging to their operations in various areas, but depending upon inexperienced help during tax time can be especially dangerous for small businesses. And so the team at Lipton Tax Company are now working with small business owners to help them build structures that protect their assets against exposure to high taxes.

By working with Lipton Tax Company, small business owners can learn more about their options in building a business entity. The company’s staff has great experience guiding a range of businesses on their taxation issues, and their services can help clients save thousands of dollars per year in tax exposure and liabilities. Whether clients are looking to create a sole proprietorship, form an LLC or create an S or C corporation, Lipton Tax Company can offer their guidance and help select the right entity for the organization.

It’s a trusted service working to protect small business owners across the region. To learn more on Lipton Tax Company, please contact their offices at 707.927.5995 or visit their business website at