Napa, CA-based Lipton Tax Company, Inc. is now highlighting the benefits of tax planning services for those about to make a significant lifestyle change. Whether the client is moving away from home, retiring or buying a house, Lipton Tax Company can help them plan for and minimize their tax exposure during this critical period.

One of the challenges involved in making a large lifestyle change is the financial issues associated with the process almost always has a tax consequence. This is particularly true for those buying a new home,as well as having a family or selling income property. In making such a large change, it’s critical to consider your tax planning strategies that will help you save taxes and plan for them. And it’s for this reason that many are now turning to Lipton Tax Company, Inc.

Lipton Tax Company, Inc. is a leader within the Napa tax planning marketplace. Their team has experience in a range of planning processes, including helping clients that move home, retire and change working roles while understanding how these changes affect your tax bill. This working experience has been critical in saving their clients thousands of dollars and in ensuring they’re able to make the changes seamlessly to avoid having tax surprises when they file after the end of the year, and when it’s often too late to make adjustments.

The experts at Lipton Tax Company, Inc. are available now to answer questions and guide clients on their tax planning processes. To learn more, call their office team now at 707.927.5995 or visit their business website at