Napa, CA-based Lipton Tax Company, Inc. is now working with clients to help them file the taxes that should have been filed several years ago. The company’s team understands the financial challenges that lead to errors in back tax filings, and can work with clients to ensure they are in good standing for the coming years.

Usually there are multiple reasons, whether the cause is a spouse passing away or a significant financial loss, some Americans have neglected to file their taxes timely. This situation can cause a high amount of mental stress on those worrying about the implications of this mistake. By working with a seasoned, licensed tax preparer, those who have neglected to file their taxes for several years can catch up and get on top of their tax situation.Now, the team at Lipton Tax Company, Inc. is helping Americans address their tax issues, avoid liens and sort out their past year’s taxes.

Lipton Tax Company, Inc.’s team has many years’ experience working with clients to help them understanding tax planning strategies. They recognize the financial hardships many face and can work directly with their clients to help them file their back taxesand go forward with a minimum of stress. It’s a process that increases mental wellbeing for their clients and prevents clients from compounding the issues going forward.

Lipton Tax Company Inc.’s experts are available to help clients resolve their tax challenges. To speak with an experienced Tax preparer, contact their offices now at 707.927.5995or visit their business website at